Dracy is a CEO of her business. She Creates Everyday Opportunities (CEO), she is a professional partier, team builder, net-worker and influencer.  She is in her highest value when she is being creative, problem-solving and helping people. Working with clients to achieve higher results in performance, production and profits is her aim.

Taking her last 25 years in business development and her passion for brands has the ability to quickly recognise and execute a plan & strategy for the desired results while creating an environment for education and experiences.

Adding value to her client’s bottom line by connecting the people to the culture of the brand essence makes her stand out.

Her motto is about not just showing up but stepping up and standing out by finding alignments between your head and heart so you can labour in a way that achieves success in all area’s of your life. Personally, professionally and privately.

Dracy has an infectious energy that motivates & inspires those around her whether it is the senior leaders, business owners, staff and sales team. Her unique tools & techniques give people a willingness to make a difference and be part of something BIG.

Dracy is currently working on various projects but always willing to have a chat about your vision & ideas.