Brand New Direction

Three powerful words as you move into a new year.

“brand new direction”

Let’s have a look how they can serve you.


It’s time to accept whether you like it or not, if you are in the workforce you and your name is a personal brand.

It’s whether you choose to cultivate it or not.

I have been in the business for years of helping other people.  Supporting them in looking good, achieving their goals, I have never been interested in personal branding myself, maybe I thought that was for stars or people with egos. Well, I guess that was just my mindset.

After 23 years with the same company and deciding to take my expertise to the marketplace, I had to reinvent myself, create a resume, realise that my mindset would only limit me.

I had to take a Brand New Direction.

So here is what I’ve discovered.

Second, I learned I am not an expert in this field, and if I want to get good at a topic, I would need an expert in the field and do some research.

I have cautiously guided my way through this to give me the courage to just do it.

I really thought about how I use social media and how I am perceived.

This is what I decided for me.

  • LinkedIn- professional, business events (100% business).
  • Facebook- family, friends and social events (80% personal, 20% of my business).
  • Instagram- private, how I live my true self and brands I endorse (80% business, 20% me).

I have identified what it is for me to be my true authentic self in a world of business.


My favorite word, ‘New’ is such a powerful word in business development.

It is the water that grows a garden.

We are always looking for new clients, new products, new ways and new growth every year.

So if you work on the ‘new’ with you, it will flow into your business.

Finding new networking groups, ways you can be of service to your community.

How people will talk about you and your brand will bring in the ‘new’.

I talk about the essence of your business, the environment, experience and energy, customers will remember.

You have a responsibility to create this – your current customers will recommend new customers.

Here are some ideas to bring in new business.


You and your business are only ever going in one of two directions.

It’s either growing or its not.

No such thing as “maintaining”.

You need to have a very defined strategy in place for your business to grow.

A clear vision of you and your business is so important.

People love and are attracted to visionaries.

So be a visionary and share the direction you are going and what you want to accomplish. If it is service above self, you and your team are making a difference you will not only create a tribe that matches your vibe.

The biggest fan club where people are talking about you.

Your business will thrive if you can connect your culture with your business direction. Culture is about an inspired people.

If you are going to make an impact in the world, in your community or even just in your business, you must make it your mission to connect with and understand the people around you.

This will build trust and engagement, the perfect ingredients to inspire and align your team and customer with your business direction.

If you are struggling with your direction maybe it is a time for change.

So where are you going and how are you going to get there!

Smiles and love,



PS, I thank my mentors for the support and encouragement to make this happen.