13 Activities to Making 2018 Great

How long have you been doing things mediocre?

Months, years?

Is there something inside of you saying you want more, you can do better?

Do you say to yourself this year is my year?

Then you get caught up in the daily grind and you say you will start tomorrow, next week, or next year.

This is all too common.

And that is the question, do you just want to be “common”?

Because common is what everyone else does.

Let’s look at the word Common:

“mediocre or inferior quality; mean; low: widespread; general; ordinary”

Is this you?

Is this what you want 2018 to be “common”, just like every other year.

How do you step up and make this year stand out from every other year?

Let’s just think about a few things.

What was a great year for you?

What was it about that year, that made it great?

What did you do differently that year than you have been doing of recent years?

I know myself when I think of the years that I felt really good and had growth both personally and professionally, I realize that there was a common thread.

I not only had a visual goal, I had a plan, and I put myself in a place that allowed me to grow.

I read and surrounded myself with like-minded people.

I eliminate things that didn’t serve me and I focused on the few things that were important.

The years that were common were the years I let bad habits and bad people in.

I didn’t create a schedule I just filled my schedule.

I didn’t keep myself busy with positive, productive activities I just did things that were happening.

I didn’t create the moments but was victim to moments created by others.

I was reactive to what was happening around me as oppose to being proactive because I was prepared.

For things to change we need to change.

Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

As the quote goes:

“people who are depressed live in the past, people who live in the future have anxiety and those that live in the present live in peace.”

So, remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow but live for today, in the present.

What are some activities you can do to make the present 2018 Great!!

  1. Forming new healthy habits (discipline is the activity for miracles).
  2. Be mindful of what you really want, do and have, personally professionally and privately.
  3. Keep a review and rehearse journal.
  4. Review what was good about your day and what you would do differently.
  5. Every morning rehearses in your head then write down the outcomes you want to happen
  6. Eliminate what is not serving you well in your life in all areas.
  7. Address what is holding you back.
  8. Replace bad habits with a new healthy habit.
  9. Set goals that are important to you and make plans of how you are going to achieve them.
  10. Find those who can help you make your goals happen.
  11. Do a personal SWOT on yourself (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats).
  12. Find a Tribe that matches your vibe.
  13. Put your big girl panties on and get to work on YOU.

And you will have the best year ever!

Smiles and love,





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