Letting Go of 2017

It’s easy for people to say Let it go!

The only way you can let it go is having a clear picture of where you are going and how you are going to get there.

If you’re unclear about what you want.

Ask yourself these two questions to help you make sense of it.

  • What makes you mad?
  • What makes you sad?

If it is you that you are mad or sad at, change it, and if it’s someone else, stop them or leave.
Now as simple as this sounds I recognise it is not easy.

Until you let go the mindset that clouds you for what you really want.

These 5 simple things to let go can make a massive change in getting clarity to what you want.

  • Doing what’s easy vs what’s right for you in what you value.
  • Being bitter vs getting better at the lessons you have learned.
  • Being a victim vs a victor of vision for your future.
  • Being Passive vs proactive towards your passions.
  • Watching things happen vs making things happen that make a difference in a better you.

Once you let go of those, the clouds will clear and you will see how bright your future is. You will get a drive inside you to move mountains, make things happen and do what is right for you.

This energy will allow you to greet the dawn with enthusiasm and be satisfied at dusk.

Smiles and love,